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A Game Oddessey
2001 was a prolific year in the predictions of science fiction authors and futurists alike. It's also the year Hanford Lemoore started on his vision of creating Monolux, a company geared around developing entertainment for the City of Tomorrow, distributed from Monolux headquarters to people's homes right through the Internet.

Previously working for Disney and LucasArts on entertainment and educational computer software, Hanford struck off on his own in order to head up Monolux. His vision: developing creative games at a great price with a throwback to the optimism of Yesterday.

Our Games
We make games that focus on creative puzzle-solving, but we always add a healthy dose of humor, action, and exploration to round them out. We want our customers to have fun! That's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee where if you don't like the game, you can have your money back. And it's also why our games come complete with access to hints and full solutions: so you're never left out in the cold.

Our Website
We believe that it takes more than great games to make our customers happy. Our website is designed to be simple and easy to use so you can get exactly what you want. We don’t clutter the site with banner ads or extraneous links.

We encourage feedback and communication from everyone who visits our website. We've implemented the innovative Suggestomatic feedback system to make sure our website is living up to our customer's expectations, and we also provide Ask Monolux, where we share some of our customer's inquisitive email and our computer's brainy responses. And to top it all off we offer 7-day-a-week email tech support.

2003 and Beyond
In 2002 we released our debut game, Rocknor's Bad Day, to the applause of players and critics alike. Now, we've done it again: Rocknor's Donut Factory is our newest release, and we're already hearing good things
! Avault.com, a leading video game website, honored Rocknor's Donut Factory as one of their Top Shareware Games of 2003.


Contact Monolux

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