Rocknor's Bad Day Extended Soundtrack

You've played the game, but you're never heard this music! The Rocknor's Bad Day Extended Soundtrack starts where the game left off, taking its electonic, robotic sound and spinning it into a complete album featuring 11 tracks. And now, as a bonus, it is available for free.

And this isn't background music! Each track is a full song, chronicling Rocknors' journey home. Producer Aaron Borum describes it as "the soundtrack to a nonexistent Rocknor movie". He explains:

"The music in the game aren't songs as much as just background loops, which is what you want for a game. But there just wasn't enough substance there to make a whole album. So what I did was kind of reinvent the sound of Rocknor's world as if the game was a movie, and this was the soundtrack to it. I kept it true to the original sound, pretty robotic and mechanical, but I tried to bring a cinematic element in there as well, to really paint a picture in your mind."

Complete Track Listing
1 Prelude/Rocknor's Land 4:12
2 Rocknor's Journey Begins 3:00
3 Walk Cautiously 2:52
4 Early Victory 2:53
5 Ruins 2:00
6 Restless Native Bots 3:19
7 Beat the clock 2:15
8 Which Transmat? 2:58
9 Island Castaway 3:06
10 Be Careful 3:18
11 Going Home/End Credits 3:10

And now the entire soundtrack is available for download free when you purchase the full version of Rocknor's Bad Day. Every track is brand new, not heard in the full game. It is perfect for listening to while you're playing.

Purhase Rocknor's Bad Day today and get the Extended Soundtrack for free. Remember, the game comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied. So what are you waiting for?

Get the game and the soundtrack today!



Soundtrack producer: Aaron Borum



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