pPlayers and reviewers agree:

"I loved it and my kids are still loving it."
- Jim L., a player who has finished the full version.
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"Without a doubt, the most addictive desktop game I have played since ... well, I can't remember when!"
Randy Sluganski, editor/reviewer for JustAdventure.com See more quotes

Rocknor's Bad Day is a hit!

On sale now for just $19.95
You'll enjoy it or your money back!
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Purchase now and get 5 bonus levels and
Rocknor's Bad Day Extended Soundtrack:
a full-length album! Both Free!

If you've played the free version of Rocknor's Bad Day and had fun, just wait till you get the full version! While the free version shows you how to play and gets you going, the full version takes the game in whole new directions! Each level offers a new land to explore, conniving puzzles to figure out, colorful animated graphics, and showcases a different facet of Rocknor's world, so the gameplay is always unique and different.

So, what's in the full version?

35 Levels of puzzles, exploration, and fun!
New levels like the Botcarbonic Transgrid Cirque, the Ring-based Transport Central Prototype, and the Vestion Irrigation Canals. If you had fun playing the free levels, just wait till you get a hold of these! increasing in complexity, intricacy, and creativity, the full version gives you an incredible world to explore with amazing puzzles to solve!

Now available as a bonus free! Near the end of Rocknor's Bad Day you'll encounter 5 challenge levels: craftily large levels with conniving traps, fiendish entanglements, and clever puzzles. But just like the rest of the levels, you get access to hints and full solutions if you get stuck. These levels were rated as the most challenging and rewarding to solve of all of Rocknor's Bad Day! They include:

New things to discover and interact with

  • Find the Crop Knife and discover the power of being able to chop down the Crops yourself!
  • Controlling the Blockulator and the Clonemat you can create new blocks and mowbots at the push of a button! Sound like a dream? It can be a nightmare!
  • Beware of ancient-crafted stone bricks which can secretly trigger devious traps, or transform from an innocent brick in the dirt into a towering stone obstacle impassible by robot! Get the full version now!

As a second bonus we're giving you the Rocknor's Bad Day Extended Soundtrack, a full-length 11 song companion soundtrack that picks up where the in-game music leaves off. That's right: an entire album's worth of electronic, cinematic music to go with the game, available free. More Info

Full hints, tips, solutions, and passcodes for every level of the game

The humans here at Monolux have gone the extra mile and developed a one-click in-game method to getting hints and solutions for the level you're on. No searching on the Internet for tips when you're stuck, simply click on the "Get hints for this level" button in the game menu and be treated to:

  • Hints, Tips, and Solultions for every levelLevel-specific strategy, tips, and clues to help solve the level without giving away the solution.
  • Full walk-through solutions for solving the level from beginning to end, including all the steps to solve puzzles, get around the bad guys, and more.
  • A full bird's-eye map of each level, labeled with locations to aid in using the solutions. Click here for a sample.
  • An overview of general tips for getting the most out of the game.

This is a feature the gamer's are wild about!

"It's so great to be able to hit a button to get hints when I'm stuck. It takes away any frustration from puzzles like this!"
-- B. E. Smith, beta tester See more quotes.

30-day risk-free satisfaction guarantee

You're still not sure if you'll like it? Check out our 30-day risk-free guarantee. We guarantee that: You'll have fun, that our product will be of the highest quality, and that our support and service will be the best. We stand behind the game and we're confindent you'll love it. So what are you waiting for?

The full version of Rocknor's Bad Day is available for download and play immediately after your purchase is authorized, so if you pay with credit card, you'll be playing in minutes!

Have questions? Feel free to ask us by contacting us .

Upgrade to the full version Rocknor's Bad Day today!

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