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Monolux features two versions of Rocknor's Bad Day:

Free Version

Cost: Free

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Free version contains:

5 levels
Learn-as-you-play tutorials
One-click access to online hints and solutions

Full Version

Cost: $19.95

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Full version contains:

30 levels
5 bonus challenge levels
11-track Soundtrack album
New objects and items
30-day money-back guarantee
Learn-as-you-play tutorials
One-click access to hints and solutions
35 level passwords


System Minimum Requirements

Due to the countless number of configurations a Windows PC can have, we cannot provide exact, rigid minimum requirements. However we provide the following information as a guideline:

Recommended minimum requirements for Rocknor's Bad Day for Windows
Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT 4.0, XP
(latest service packs required for NT 2000, and XP)
Intel Pentium or Celeron 433Mhz or faster
(generally, Pentiums are faster than Celerons)
Hard Disk :
game: 10mb or larger available
Soundtrack: 23mb or larger available

96Mb available or more
(may require quitting programs and open windows before starting the game)

Video card:

640 x 480, 16-bit color Minimum
(16-bit color is also known as "hi-color", or "thousands of colors")

Single Monitor PCs suggested
(systems with more than one monitor may not be supported)

Sound card required
(running the game on a PC without a sound card may cause the game to crash)

Extended Soundtrack requires an MP3 player such as MusicMatch, WinAmp, or Windows Media Player


If any part of your PC ranks below these guidelines or near them

If any part of your PC ranks below these guidelines or near them, we suggest you download and try the free version as a performance evaluation. Although the free version is not the complete game, it is extremely similar in the system resources it requires. If the free version performs acceptably on your system, so will the full version

Guidelines provided are based on ongoing tests, bug reports, and comments from users of various configurations, and can change at any time. Running the Game on an HP Pavilion 6465 (purchased approx. in 1999) with a system configuration listed above performed acceptably at a decent framerate.









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