In Rocknor's Bad Day, you assume the role of Rocknor, a humble robot who's lost and looking to get back home. On his way, he'll cross 36 lands, each packed with clever puzzles, conniving foes, ominous obstacles. Rocknor's Bad Day features puzzle after puzzle requiring a sharp mind, some quick reflexes, and an attitude towards creative problem solving.

Rocknor the robot lives in a world that works: switches open and close doors, Transmats teleport you across the land, Control Panels and Punchcards grant access to new areas, and Speedramps whisk you to your destination in a hurry.

Rocknor's lost in a huge, detailed world with smooth-scrolling animated graphics. Youll need to explore the land in order to get him back home.

But Rocknor's world doesn't just look pretty -- this world is interactive! Along the way you'll encounter creative puzzles built from computer control panels, access gates, moving walkways, and teleportation devices. Just to name a few!

Have Rocknor use the world around him to solve puzzles. Push the blocks into the water to form a bridge; Get the mowbots to mow down the crops so you can explore them; interact with Infomats to get more information about the world. And more...

Relax while playing! Gameplay focuses on having fun figuring out and solving the puzzles to get to the end of the level. Enjoy unlimited lives and restarts and no time limits on each level.
If you get stuck, slow the game down to make timing puzzles easier, or access the Monolux help system with hints, complete maps and full walk-through solutions to every level in the game, included free!

Rocknor's Bad Day isn't about violence, it entertains and stimulates the mind with exploration and puzzle solving. Between Rocknor and the exit are obstacles and challenges that require clever thinking to overcome, and it plays out in a fast-paced environment.

But don't fret if you're no good at action games: Rocknor's Bad Day can be tuned to your reflexes. We've worked hard to provide an experience that allows you to play at your own pace and concentrate on the parts of the game you find fun, without getting stuck or frustrated. Click here to find out more.

And if all that isn't enough, we are now offering the Rocknor's Bad Day Extended Soundtrack free when you buy the game. It's a full album's worth of music free if you order now! Click here to find out more about the album!

We think you'll have a blast playing Rocknor's Bad Day, and will find refreshing the combination of brainpower and reflexes it flexes. But you don't have to take our word for it, Monolux provides a free try-before-you-buy version of the game. It's a fully-playable game with 5 complete levels, and provides a learn-as-you-play experience that makes it quick and easy to get going with no instructions to read before you're up and playing. This is the perfect way to see what you think of the game risk-free!




Monolux is a leading developer of independent computer games (indie games), specializing in creativepuzzle & logic games with a focus on adventure and exploration. Our first game is Rocknor's Bad Day. Play it now for free!







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