Quotes from owners of Rocknor's Bad Day
We care about what our users think, and we think you might too. We receive tons of email from our users, and here's a select few from owners of the full version of Rocknor's Bad Day.

Randy Sluganski, owner and reviewer for JustAdventure.com writes in his
review of the game:

"Rocknor’s Bad Day is a refreshing desktop puzzle game that relies on your brainpower instead of your trigger finger and your gray cells with get a workout! Rocknor is without a doubt, the most addictive desktop game I have played since ... well, I can’t remember when!"

"The first time I played Rocknor, it was two hours and seven levels later before I realized I was hooked."

"Kiss your wife and kids goodbye, close your office door to keep out your boss and forget about catching up on your paperwork, for Rocknor needs to get home and you’re his only hope."

"Final Grade: A"

November 20, 2002

Jim L.(who has completed the entire full version) writes:

"I loved it and my kids are still loving it."

"I actually was home sick the week that I downloaded your program. I needed something to distract me from feeling sorry for myself. I was often amazed when I would finish a level and it would say that it only took me and hour. Was I really playing that long? It didn't feel long and I wasn't frustrated with the time that it took."

"If you had a rating for entertainment in $/hour this was well worth it. Having the hints is a big plus for my 10 year old. He is able to complete the levels with the full hints and get a feeling of accomplishment."

"I will be playing it over again."

October 14th, 2002

Kirsten J from Denmark writes:

"The only thing there is wrong is that you do´nt have more games like Rocknor's Bad Day, because that is fun and challinging. Make some more levels or expansion pack :-))"

September 26th, 2002

Cathy R. from New Mexico writes:

"So far he hasn't had a bad day :) I sure hope he stays a happy robot ;)"

"I enjoy your game very much. I appreciate the help that is available on the internet. I have only had to use it a little bit but you definitely have put a lot of work in to making sure everybody can enjoy all of the levels with assistance if they need it."

"I like that you give just hints and then also allow the full look. For myself at this time, sometimes I just like to look at the map. Further down the road, who knows, I might have to read each clue :) But that's what I like. I can play on my own but at least if I can't get it, I do have the solution which I enjoy equally."

September 20th, 2002

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