Level 2: Scrap Metal/Liquid Treatment Base

Starting from the beginning (position a ):

Read the Infomat.

head down and right through the grassy area. Head up and around obstacles and get the punchcard at position b. Head back to position a

Go up and bump into the Control Panel. This will open the door if you have the punchcard. Go through the door and read the Infomat.

Head right and push the green block all the way down the hallway. Go down and right to position c.

Push the block down through the cut (short) grass path. Blocks can only be pushed across dirt, dirt tiles, short grass, and white tile. Push the block through the path left, down, then right into the dirt. Push it through the dirt path towards position d. Read the two Infomats there.

Push the block onto the floor plate at position d.This will hold open the doors so you can walk up. Go up through the doors and read the Infomat.

Head right and up through the waypoint. Read the Infomat.

Head left and locate the purple block. Read the Infomat to the left of it, then. push the purple block right and up into the water at position e.

Go back left and find the green block. You'll need to push it down a square then right and up, across the sunk purple block and into the second position e. If a block gets stuck or you accidentally push it into the wrong part of the water you'll need to restart. Do so by clicking the Menu/Pause button then choosing "Restart level". You'll restart at the waypoint.

After pushing the green block into the water you can cross the river by walking up across the blocks. Head up and read the Infomat.

You're now going to form a block bridge across the water.

Locate the purple block at position f; it's against a wall. Push the block down until it's in-line with the hallway going left. Push the block left and into position g. Get onto the left side of the block and push it back through the hallway and out 2 squares.

Push the block up and left into the water at position h.

It's important that the subsequent blocks are pushed into the water at position h as well to get across. You won't have any spare blocks.

Locate the green block at position i. Make sure you push if right first, then down. If you push it down first you'll get it stuck in the corner of the L shaped wall, and you'll have to restart.

Push the green block left and into the water at position h.

Push one of the two remaining purple blocks (one near position i and the other near position g) into the last part of water at position h.

Push the remaining purple block left across the block bridge you made and onto the pressure plate on the other side of the water. This will open the doors below.

Go down through the doors and head left. Push the green block aside and push the purple block up and into the water. Cross the block.

Step into the exit!



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