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Our current question is from Berbank. He/she/it writes:

Please pass on my congratulations to the Hanford Lemoore unit. He has obviously got a lot of soft gooey gray matter inside his pig flesh skin. I have just finished the demo version of RDF and can report a pleasing
emotion humans might classify as "happy".

I shall purchase the item with Earth moneys once my evil is published. The reason I am contacting you is to ask if RDF was inspired by electronic circuits at all? Would edutainment be cunningly hidden within your devices? Fear not, I shall reveal the truth to no other skin monkeys.


First off Berbank, we want to apologize for taking so long to publish your question. Apparently the language used in your message to us confused our automatic routing system. It assumed you were writing to one of our computers rather than one of our human-manned stations. It took the system longer than normal to determine that something with "soft gooey gray matter" should be reading it.

Secondly, Hanford Lemoore replies with a giant "Thank you!" for the kind complements. He was, after all, the man responsible for programming The Monolux with the task of creating a new game.

As usual, we fed your question into our 1950s-era supercomputer The Monolux to see what the answer was. The Monolux was the machine that grinded out the complex answer that totaled Rocknor's Donut Factory, so it's the only one fit to really explain the origin of its design.



The game "Rocknor's Donut Factory" was not derived from electronic circuits, but from factory assembly lines. The concept of developing a step-by-step process to re-create a finished product specification was the starting point for the game design of Rocknor's Donut Factory. Having a destination "object", then working to create it, is a key element in the Donut Factory game.

While there was no intention to include educational value to the game, that act of assembling Rocknor's Donut Factory ultimately leads to the improvement of logic, trial-and-error, and general problem-solving skills. And of course, Donut Making.


Well there you have it Burbank. We hope you don't blow any circuits evaluating The Monolux's answer!

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