Why you can trust Monolux with your Credit Card purchase

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about credit card processing and Monolux.

Can I trust Monolux with my credit card information?

You don't have to. Because we use industry-standard payment processors, Monolux never gets your credit card number. Our payment processors handle the payments and pass notification on to us.

Who processes your transactions?

Monolux uses PayPal and SWReg as our transaction service providers.

PayPal is the largest online payment-transaction provider of it's kind. Millions and millions of people trust PayPal. They have 20 million registered users, including more than 3 million business accounts, and their account base grows by an average of 28,000 accounts per day. They are the number one payment menthod for eBay auctions. And their site is completely secure with 128 bit SSL encryption.

SWReg is an award-winnng payment-transaction site that has been doing credit card processing for over 15 years. They process millions of dollars a month through hundreds of thousands Internet purchases. Their website is fully secure using the latest encryption.

But I've never given my credit card number out on the web. In general, is it safe?

Internet SSL encryption like the kind PayPal and SWReg use are virtually unbreakable. Look for websites that display a lock icon on your web browser.

Once I've paid, how do I get my game?

After you've completed the payment, you'll receive an email from Monolux with instructions and passwords for downloading the game from our site. Once the game is downloaded, you can install it and be playing the full version!

I still have questions.

Feel free to contact us.

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