Rocknor's Bad Day Hints and Tips

Monolux's debut game, Rocknor's Bad Day, has built-in access to tips, hints and solutions for every level of the game.

Hints on the Internet
To access this information, Press the Menu/Pause button while playing the game, and select the Get hints for this level option. This option will take you to a special section of the Monolux website directly to the page about the level you're currently on. It couldn't be easier!

This feature is available on both the free and full versions of the game.

Downloadable Hints
Don't want to be connected to the Internet to get help? You can also download and install the complete set of hints and solutions for the full version of Rocknor's Bad Day. This is available for the full version of Rocknor's Bad Day only. Click on the link below to start the download.

Download Hints and Solutions for the full version of Rocknor's Bad Day (Hints will not work for the free version)


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